Snorkeling Tour Roatan

Snorkeling Tour Roatan Honduras


– Please call or email today to book your tour | 24hr Advanced Reservations Required

(must be average swimmer)(6+)

Tour lasts approximately 2 hours

Trips meet and depart from West End Dock at Roundabout


Reef Snorkeling Tour in Roatan

Enjoy Roatan’s Guided Snorkeling Tour is a fun, memorable event for all guests. Roatan has the second largest reef system in the world and is filled with beautiful corals, fish and marine wildlife species. Climb aboard and we will head out to the captain’s favorite locations, including mangrove trees, dolphin enclosure, starfish bay and a snorkeling site where you will have many opportunities for photos, awesome views and a very safe, memorable experience! Book your tour with us today!  Our guests are provided with snorkel masks, fins and life jackets. As we head out we enjoy a variety of sights along the shoreline making our snorkel tour a sightseeing/snorkeling hybrid tour excursion.

​Full Faced snorkel mask upgrade is available for our guests for $10. 180 Degree View and Fog Free

A local Captain guides our snorkeling tours and selects the best locations based on weather, crowds and water clarity.

Rated #2 Best Island for Snorkeling


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